Membership at Chislehurst GC
Membership at Chislehurst GC
We are proud to be a members’ club that is run by its members for its members. Read more.......

Green Fees 2020
Green Fees 2020
Chislehurst Golf Club is happy to entertain visitors on an all day or part-day basis, however play without a member is restricted to weekdays only. Read more.......

Glenmuir Jedburgh Sweater

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Glenmuir have struck a fantastic balance between traditional and unique in this golf sweater, and all without losing their trademark high quality.

The luxury cashmere blend gives you an unparalleled level of comfort whether out on the course, at home or anywhere else. It feels like a real treat to get this sweater on.

Key features and benefits:

  • Cashmere blend provides a premium, luxurious feel
  • Super-soft comfort lasts through 18 holes
  • Highly-breathable construction is warm but doesn't get stuffy
  • YKK zipper adds a subtle touch of quality to this sweater

Treat yourself to this premium golf sweater by reserving one in our Pro Shop via the link below.

Reserve yours here.